A master craftsman of the traditional Korean food, Shinjinsusan Seasoned Laver

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                     Specializing in manufacturing roasted seasoned laver, one of the most-beloved

                     traditional Korean foods, Shinjinsusan has provided customers with the best product

                     through ingredients of the highest quality and special manufacturing technique for the past 15 years.

                     Shinjinsusan tries to become a global food company that can be loved by all around

                     the world offering more services and developing various products to increase

                     awareness of the roasted seasoned laver.

                     Shinjinsusan will make its best effort to preserve the tradition and deliver safe and

                     healthy food to customers.

                     You are always V.V.I.P (Very Very Important Person) to us.

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                     Bok Gwang Soon, CEO of SHINJINSUSAN CO,LTD

               Shinjinsusan is located in Boryeong, Chungnam province, which is famous for the
               beautiful beach of Daecheon. The mud festival and numerous sea food festivals
               take place in Boryeong too.

               Starting as a retailer of dried laver in 1988, Shinjinsusan completely changed into a
               seasoned laver processing firm in 1999. Since then, Shinjinsusan has steadily grown
               by over 200% in sales increase every year.
               This surprising success of Shinjinsusan is attributable to its technological
               competitiveness based on years of product development and special manufacturing techniques.

               As of today, Shinjinsusan sells hundreds thousands of seasoned lavers both online
               and offline through the shopping mall run by the Korean Post Office and retailers across the nation.
               Meanwhile, Shinjinsusan currently focuses on increasing its exports to the overseas
               market, particularly the Chinese market, by developing direct sales channels and
               participating in numerous fairs taking place around the world.

               Shinjinsusan has implemented the up-to-date automation system, seafood
               traceability system and traditional seafood quality assurance and ISO9001. Based on
               internal sanitation training and disease and pest control services provided by
               CESCO, Shinjinsusan ensures to offer healthy and reliable products.

               Through ceaseless research and development, Shinjinsusan will strive to become a
               trustworthy global leader that can accommodate various needs of customers.

          Sep. 1999 Incorporated

          Jul. 2001 Selected a supplier for the shopping mall run by Korea Post Office(e-post)

          Jul. 2003 Production plant expanded and relocated

          Aug. 2003 Acquired the certificate of ISO9001

          May 2004 Launched telemarketing

          May 2005 The freezer and low-temperature storage warehouse (237.75m) built

          Nov. 2006 The plant facility expanded (448m)

          Nov. 2008 Incorporated Shinjinsusan Seasoned Laver Inc

          Jul. 2010 The ingredient storage warehouse newly built (337.5m)

          Jun. 2011 Awarded the grand prize in SME brand (local specialty product) in 2011 by Hankyung.com

          Dec. 2011 Registered the seafood traceability system

          Jan. 2012 Acquired the quality assurance No. 140 in traditional seafood

          Total area : 4,631m, Production facility 567m, Subsidiary facilities 581.25m,

          Low temperature storage warehouse 575.25m

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